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Jedda Bradley

Growing up in isolated Cooktown, Northern Australia, Guugu Yimithirr country, with no cinema, theatre or TV, Jedda and her friends had plenty of time to create their own dramas.  


It took blood, sweat and tears to get into the prestigious Australian Film, Television and Radio School where Jedda trained as a screenwriter. 

She made numerous short films but with two daughters to bring up... .   


"The only Australian education institution to consistently make The Hollywood Reporter's prestigious annual list of the top film schools

in the world."

DSC03745 (2).jpg

Jedda pivoted into UX writing by day. 

And by night....

She recorded the first series of

The Egbert, Margaret & Stephen Show, with the dream of reaching a large audience of children so they could feel

completely happy about their

unique eccentricities. 


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