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Welcome! You're in the right place for the best story podcast on the planet. 

Egbert, Margaret & Stephen!

Three super nerdy, warm-hearted siblings who have whacky adventures.

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          The first one's free for you. 

             Try not to laugh-vomit!

Egbert and Margaret's pranks get worse and worse until Stephen joins in and creates the worst prank of all.

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Egbert, 14

Proud nerd

Margaret, 12


Stephen, 10

Dessert Genius

Music Lover

Tree Climber

Lego Builder



Bug Collector

Tree Climber

Here are the rest. Just $1 each. 

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When Margaret falls for her French teacher she learns how to use a baguette very quickly.

Only the insane ride The Black Hole at the Adrenaline Family Water Park.  And Margaret.

Stephen's dream to be a masterchef turns out to be a nightmare.

Egbert attempts to find a pair of lost swimmers but Jack the Bomber keeps getting in the way.

The watermelon pip should never have been in the icecream and it seems intent on destroying Egbert, Margaret & Stephen.

When Egbert, Margaret & Stephen take a truth-telling serum, what they say wreaks havoc at school. 

Granma wants help with her snoring neighbour but could it mean breaking the law?

Egbert's characters come alive and want revenge on him. 

Hi. I'm Jedda Bradley

Creator, narrator and producer of the 

EMS series. 

(more about me here)

What they are saying about these stories.


10 years old

I love them because they are funny and the characters get themselves into all sorts of trouble.

My favourite bit is when Stephen glues a parrot to Egbert's head, I laughed so much I vomited, not literally.

10/10 from me.

I loooooove your stories but especially EMS and The French Teacher. When the waitress hit the French teacher with the baguette I laughed very, very hard. 

All the stories are great at painting a picture with words. 

Everyone should be listening to these.


11 years old


I've been playing my Year 5/6 students your stories on zoom. The kids really love them. The humour is funny and edgy! When we listened to EMS and The French Teacher, one kid gasped - "she's going to kill the teacher!".

Sunshine North Primary School

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